Obama’s DNC Speech

This has to be the best speech I’ve ever seen.  It amazes me the he writes the majority of all his speeches.  His passion and integrity are incredibly inspiring. I seriously believe that he can turn this country around. Please consider voting for him this November!


WTF? Vice President Palin?

I’ve been thinking about this for the last day or so now and I just can’t figure it out. The nomination of Sarah Palin seems like such a stupid move to me.  With all of the other well qualified and popular candidates he could have chosen (Romney, Huckabee, Ron Paul etc.) it just doesn’t make sense to pick Palin.  Even if he was dead set on choosing a woman to try and get those Hillary voters, why not pick Condoleeza Rice or Kay Hutchinson the governor of Texas or any number of well qualified Republican women.  But Sarah Palin?  I know she’s cute but come on!  Here’s why I don’t think it works:

1. She’s dangerously unqualified.  Her only major experience in office has been the governorship of Alaska for the last year and a half.  She has zero foreign policy experience and mentioned several weeks ago that she had no idea what a Vice President actually does. Historians are saying she is the least qualified person to join a political ticket in the modern era.

I can understand McCains desire to put someone younger on the ticket, because if elected (god forbid) he would be the oldest president ever going into his first term.  Why risk the second in command having no idea what she’s doing, if something should happen to him? Especially at a time when we’re fighting two wars and the economy is in crisis.  I don’t get it.

Plus she’s going to look like a light weight next to Biden in the vice-presidential debate.

2.  It’s demeaning to woman.  It’s clear the main reason she was picked was the vain attempt to pick up disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters from the Democrats. She made this crystal clear in her acceptance speech citing Hillary Clinton’s historic run and her 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling motif.  I think its insulting to think that the only reason Clinton voters liked Hillary was because she was a woman. What does it say about the guy, that he picked his VP not because of her experience but because of her gender?  

Seems like her insistence on mentioning Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail isn’t going that great either.

3. She’s not the moderate or change agent McCain says she is.  When it comes to her social views she is to the right of the religious right.  She wants creationism taught in schools and doesn’t believe in abortion under any circumstances even in the case of rape or incest.  Unlike the portrait McCain painted of her in his speech, she is in the pocket of Big Oil in Alaska.  She wants to drill in ANWAR and wants polar bears taken off the endangered species list to make it easy for oil companies to drill in their habitats.  She has also been on each side of the issue of the ‘bridge to nowhere‘ lamenting the fact that congressional funds were not more forthcoming to complete the bridge as late as 2006.  

I still think Romney would have been the best choice for McCain.  He has a lot of love among conservatives.  Every Republican I know at work was pulling for him in the primaries. He also ran a successful business and has the perception of knowing a lot about the economy, which is shaping up to be the major issue of the campaign and is something McCain has admitted he doesn’t know much about.  He also has a strong personality that could possibly stand up to Biden in the VP debate.  

Hopefully this will turn out to be one of the worst VP picks in presidential history.  It certainly says a lot about McCains judgment.  I’m seriously looking forward to the Biden-Palin debate.  It’s going to be a massacre.  

Vote Obama-Biden ’08 for real change in Washington!

Put me in the Cone of Mistrust…

I hate to say it, but Senator Obama should have seen this coming.  In this weeks “Saddleback Presidential Forum” both candidates were set to do some hard-core pandering to the religious right.  In theory, Rick Warren was supposed to host a fair Q&A time, asking both presidential contenders the same questions with neither of them knowing the questions beforehand.

Barack took questions first and, sadly, despite Warren’s assurance that he had “put McCain in a ‘cone of silence'”, he was in nothing of the sort.  He sat in his limo (which is well equipped with a radio and television) for the first half hour of the forum, before being escorted by the secret service to a room with a television monitor (though supposedly not hooked up), none of which would have stopped him from getting text messages or calls detailing the questions he was to receive.  And as the Huffington Post points out “presumably his aides have Blackberries. Coaching could have taken place without McCain hearing anything directly from the broadcast at all”.  This ridiculous incompetence and/or outright attempt to make Obama look less presidential or prepared is why churches shouldn’t be hosting presidential appearances in the first place.

None of this proves that McCain cheated of course.  But what can be verified is that both McCain and Warren violated their promises of a fair interview.  McCain violated an implied or expressed promise to have arrived at the venue by the time that Barack Obama’s interview began. Warren implied to a national audience that McCain was in a quarantined area at the time Obama’s interview began, but in fact McCain was not.  It just goes to show you that progressives shouldn’t trust evangelical leaders.  They’re not interested in being fair.  They’re interested in furthering their own conservative agenda, and eroding the walls between church and state.

Meanwhile I won’t be holding my breath for Sam Harris to host the Atheists Presidential Forum.

Blogging Again…

I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  I got distracted. First, I got the new Mac operating system OSX (which is awesome by the way).  Then I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii (equally awesome though even more addicting-just the thought of it makes me want to skip work today hehe). I started a webpage on deviantart.com which is kind of like a myspace for artists where you can upload your work (check it out at http://www.deviantart.com/free2rocknroll) I’ve been doing a lot more arty stuff in preparation of going back to college to get a degree in graphic design.  I also took a trip to Denmark and Sweden.  I’m hoping to put some of my pictures up soon so stay tuned.  See you around!

The Worst Debate I’ve Ever Seen

Last night I decided to turn on the Democratic Debate between Senators Obama and Clinton. It’s like their 200th debate or something (at least it feels that way) but I was interested in hearing their views on issues that may not have been talked about in previous debates, like the crazy gas prices, the housing crisis and what’s going on in Tibet. Sadly that wasn’t too be. Actually, they hardly even talked about Iraq, and the economy was barely skimmed over, thanks to the god-awful questions of the moderators Stephanopoulos and Gibson. A whole hour of the debate felt like something off E-entertainment news with most of the questions directed at Obama. The first question was about the media contrived story about Obama saying Pennsylvanian’s are bitter. The next was about Reverend Wright (Obama’s old pastor) and whether or not he was as patriotic as Obama. WTF! Oh and speaking of patriotic we notice you don’t have your flag pin on…(yeah they seriously brought that up) And all they threw Hillary’s way was a quick question about Bosnia that wasn’t followed up in any serious way after she admitted to lying about it (without saying the word lie of course). Then it was like “oh yeah, they’re going to be commander and chief. Guess we should ask them about Iraq and stuff”. Ridiculous.

We need a fundamental change in our media, especially in the way we as Americans get news and in so doing are able to participate in our democracy. How can we judge the candidates if we have no idea their opinions on the issues, if all we’re hearing is who misspoke today, and what this one guy the candidate happens to know said once? One of the main problems in my estimation is that the debate wasn’t on one of the 24 hour news channels (although they share similar problems) but was on ABC in prime time. ABC as a company is not set up to promulgate American democracy; it’s set up to make money. And these ‘gotcha’-style questions were in my opinion to boost ratings to make sure people were tuned in and watching the commercials that pay the bills. I’m an Obama supporter that hopes he’ll be able to bring about real change in Washington, but real change needs not stop there. Hopefully somehow, someway it will filter into the way we receive information about the candidates so American isn’t left with a democracy deficit as it has been the last two general elections with questionable counts in Florida and in Ohio. Here’s hoping…

Update: Apparently a lot of other people were as annoyed as I was with the debate. Over 15,000 thousand people have left comments on ABC’s website and 99.9 percent of the ones I read were very critical of the moderators. Click here to share your displeasure, and demand media coverage of the candidates that befits our democracy. MoveOn.org is also protesting the debate.  You can sign their petition at their site.

Obama Ahead In Texas!


The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows Obama attracting 48% of the vote while Clinton earns 44%. Eight percent (8%) remain undecided and another 12% say it’s possible they could change their mind.

This is great news for the Obama camp!  A win in either Texas or Ohio (or hopefully both!) could seal the deal on his bid to become his parties nominee for President of the United States.  Now if only my home state of Ohio would wise up!  Luckily there’s still time, something that hasn’t played in Senator Clinton’s favor in the past.

Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

This is another hilarious video from Flight of the Conchords. Be prepared to laugh your ass off.

“There ain’t no party like my Nana’s tea party” LOL