A Slightly Blasphemous Cartoon…


What the Shell?

Check out this awesome short animation by Gabe Swarr. It’s a funny take on Super Mario Bros. It cracks me up! The artwork is awesome too!

Another Cartoon

Thanks for the idea for this one Phil!  I hope it’s as you imagined it (or in the ballpark at least).  This is in response to Bill Clinton’s frequent misrepresentation of Obama and his policies before the South Carolina primary.  Not one of my best drawings (I think I played around with Photoshop a little too much…I’m still trying to get the hang of it) but I like the idea.


Dirty Campaigning – The Cartoon

Have you noticed that Bill Clinton’s been kind of a douche-bag lately?  What’s up with that? toons-copy.jpg

Bush’s Last State of the Union….Awkward!

I have to say that I really like my drawing of George Bush here. I think the caricature looks a lot like a cross between a used car salesman and a muppet… so I pretty much nailed him haha.


My First Political Cartoon

This is my first shot at a political cartoon. What do you think? It’s a response to this news story about the fire in the historic Eisenhower Executive office building, home of the vice presidents ceremonial offices.img184/9049/cheneyfx4.jpg