Put me in the Cone of Mistrust…

I hate to say it, but Senator Obama should have seen this coming.  In this weeks “Saddleback Presidential Forum” both candidates were set to do some hard-core pandering to the religious right.  In theory, Rick Warren was supposed to host a fair Q&A time, asking both presidential contenders the same questions with neither of them knowing the questions beforehand.

Barack took questions first and, sadly, despite Warren’s assurance that he had “put McCain in a ‘cone of silence'”, he was in nothing of the sort.  He sat in his limo (which is well equipped with a radio and television) for the first half hour of the forum, before being escorted by the secret service to a room with a television monitor (though supposedly not hooked up), none of which would have stopped him from getting text messages or calls detailing the questions he was to receive.  And as the Huffington Post points out “presumably his aides have Blackberries. Coaching could have taken place without McCain hearing anything directly from the broadcast at all”.  This ridiculous incompetence and/or outright attempt to make Obama look less presidential or prepared is why churches shouldn’t be hosting presidential appearances in the first place.

None of this proves that McCain cheated of course.  But what can be verified is that both McCain and Warren violated their promises of a fair interview.  McCain violated an implied or expressed promise to have arrived at the venue by the time that Barack Obama’s interview began. Warren implied to a national audience that McCain was in a quarantined area at the time Obama’s interview began, but in fact McCain was not.  It just goes to show you that progressives shouldn’t trust evangelical leaders.  They’re not interested in being fair.  They’re interested in furthering their own conservative agenda, and eroding the walls between church and state.

Meanwhile I won’t be holding my breath for Sam Harris to host the Atheists Presidential Forum.