Politician Steve Novick Has A Link To My Site on His Webpage!


I just happened to check my blog stats today and found that Steve Novick, who is running for a U.S. Senate spot in Oregon, has a link on his site to my blog! How cool! I’m not so sure if thats a sign that their campaign is desperate for blog coverage (my blog is so new! I’m amazed that they would link to it) or that they just liked my site. Either way I think its really fun. The internet makes the world such a small place. Check out Novick’s Media Roundup Page to see the link to my blog. It’s at the bottom (probably an appropriate place for it) under the title of my post 4’9″ Man With a Hook Runs for Senate (haha I’m feeling a little self conscious about that title now). Best of luck to Mr. Novick in his bid for Senate. If I lived in Oregon he’d have my vote! (And not just because he stroked my ego a bit by linking to my site haha!)

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