Benazir Bhutto Art


Congrats to Pakistan for electing a new Parliament in a free and fair election on Monday! I drew this in memory of Benazir Bhutto who inspired Pakistan to believe that democracy was possible again. She was also the first woman to ever lead a Muslim state in the modern era.  While far from a perfect person (her government was frequently charged with corruption) she worked hard for women’s rights in her country. She was killed several months ago by terrorists after returning to Pakistan from exile. Her Pakistan Peoples Party emerged from Monday’s election as the largest party in the 342-seat National Assembly. I really want to read her new book, published posthumously, called Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West. Hope you like the drawing!

Barack Obama Shoes


OK everyone knows I love Senator Obama, but this might be going a little too far!

Actually, this artist Van Monroe, costomizes shoes.  They’re really sweet!  I kind of want a pair.  I think I’d be afraid to get them dirty though!  Check out more of his artwork at his myspace page:

You Can Be Jackson Pollock


Ever seen a Jackson Pollock painting and thought to yourself “I could do that”! Well now you can. Check out to make your own Pollock painting. It’s very therapeutic. Just left click to change colors. My painting is up above…it kind of sucks… I guess flinging paint around a canvas is harder than it looks. Thanks to Sylvie for showing me the site!

Hillary Art


I’ve been trying to practice drawing people lately, so I thought I’d be fair after my Obama drawing and draw Hillary. She doesn’t have my vote but there’s no doubt she’s an important political figure.

Bono Art

Bono is my hero.  If I could be anyone in the world, it would be him. bono3.jpg

Jesus Struck By Lightning!

Check out this amazing picture from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I wonder what he said to make God so mad? 🙂christuppa1202_800x617.jpgHow in the world did the photographer get this picture?  

Obama Art

 I got bored the other night waiting for the primary returns to come in on CNN, so I decided to draw a little bit.  Here’s my finished artwork and my original sketch.