Blogging Again…

I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  I got distracted. First, I got the new Mac operating system OSX (which is awesome by the way).  Then I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii (equally awesome though even more addicting-just the thought of it makes me want to skip work today hehe). I started a webpage on which is kind of like a myspace for artists where you can upload your work (check it out at I’ve been doing a lot more arty stuff in preparation of going back to college to get a degree in graphic design.  I also took a trip to Denmark and Sweden.  I’m hoping to put some of my pictures up soon so stay tuned.  See you around!


The Worst Debate I’ve Ever Seen

Last night I decided to turn on the Democratic Debate between Senators Obama and Clinton. It’s like their 200th debate or something (at least it feels that way) but I was interested in hearing their views on issues that may not have been talked about in previous debates, like the crazy gas prices, the housing crisis and what’s going on in Tibet. Sadly that wasn’t too be. Actually, they hardly even talked about Iraq, and the economy was barely skimmed over, thanks to the god-awful questions of the moderators Stephanopoulos and Gibson. A whole hour of the debate felt like something off E-entertainment news with most of the questions directed at Obama. The first question was about the media contrived story about Obama saying Pennsylvanian’s are bitter. The next was about Reverend Wright (Obama’s old pastor) and whether or not he was as patriotic as Obama. WTF! Oh and speaking of patriotic we notice you don’t have your flag pin on…(yeah they seriously brought that up) And all they threw Hillary’s way was a quick question about Bosnia that wasn’t followed up in any serious way after she admitted to lying about it (without saying the word lie of course). Then it was like “oh yeah, they’re going to be commander and chief. Guess we should ask them about Iraq and stuff”. Ridiculous.

We need a fundamental change in our media, especially in the way we as Americans get news and in so doing are able to participate in our democracy. How can we judge the candidates if we have no idea their opinions on the issues, if all we’re hearing is who misspoke today, and what this one guy the candidate happens to know said once? One of the main problems in my estimation is that the debate wasn’t on one of the 24 hour news channels (although they share similar problems) but was on ABC in prime time. ABC as a company is not set up to promulgate American democracy; it’s set up to make money. And these ‘gotcha’-style questions were in my opinion to boost ratings to make sure people were tuned in and watching the commercials that pay the bills. I’m an Obama supporter that hopes he’ll be able to bring about real change in Washington, but real change needs not stop there. Hopefully somehow, someway it will filter into the way we receive information about the candidates so American isn’t left with a democracy deficit as it has been the last two general elections with questionable counts in Florida and in Ohio. Here’s hoping…

Update: Apparently a lot of other people were as annoyed as I was with the debate. Over 15,000 thousand people have left comments on ABC’s website and 99.9 percent of the ones I read were very critical of the moderators. Click here to share your displeasure, and demand media coverage of the candidates that befits our democracy. is also protesting the debate.  You can sign their petition at their site.