Hillary Clinton Mocks Obama

Wow. I figured Hillary would eventually stoop to attack politics, as the loses keep piling up, and she continues to get more desperate, but I didn’t think it would come to outright mockery. She really has no class at all.  As one commenter on the Huffington Post put it:

If Ms. Clinton were to continue along this destructive path, she might as well kiss her NY senate seat good-bye. By mocking unity and idealism, the very core of progressive politics, she has (in my eyes) reduced herself to irrelevancy and is simply unfit to become the leader of the free world. What a sorry denouement to an illustrious career…

I couldn’t agree more. Click the link at the bottom of the page to see Barack Obama’s response from Cleveland Ohio.


One Response

  1. He’s so calm and collected in the face of such disrespectful mockery. It really speaks to his character.

    That commenter is right about her senate seat. I’d hate to see her fail to get re-elected, she’s done a lot of good things for the US. I just don’t think she’d make as good a president as Barack Obama would.

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