A Long Week…


Wow these last two days have really sucked. They needed help at the airport because of the crazy winter weather we’ve been having lately, so I volunteered to stay yesterday after my shift was over to help. I ended up working 13 hours straight. The roads were a mess last night after the constant pounding of ice and snow we received, so they put us up at a hotel close by the airport (which to our surprise ended up being really nice). The receptionist there was really sweet too. She was from Belaruse and had a cool Russian accent. She let us raid the kitchen at ten o clock at night, since the pizza delivery guy from Dominos had previously announced to her that he wasn’t getting paid enough to drive on the icy roads and was going home.

Today I pulled another double shift, finally leaving after 12 hours. I feel like I live at the airport. I’m back again tomorrow morning too! Luckily its only a six hour day. I should be back to blogging tomorrow. All kinds of stuff has come out about Senator McCain that I want to comment about plus I’ve got a good idea for some new cartoons. Hope you’ll check out the page again this weekend! Have a good one!


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