Last night Barack Obama won all three primaries against his rival Hillary Clinton.  He took commanding leads in all three states averaging about 60 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 30.  This puts Barack ahead in the state delegate count by 28 points!

The problem is that many pundits like to include the super-delegate count which at this time puts Clinton slightly ahead, however, I highly doubt any candidate that wins the most delegates from the public will be overruled by the super delegates.  Can you imagine the outrage?  It would hurt the Democratic candidate immensly in the general election.  These super-delegates can change their mind at any time as well, making any current count unreliable at best.  So for the moment at least, Barack is in the lead!  He has also won 19 out of the 30 states that have cast their votes.  Change is in the air!


If all this talk about super-delgates and state primaries is confusing to you check out this website by the New York Times that explains the process.  Election Guide 2008


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