Arriving in Kyoto – Dec. 30 ’07

This is what we rode to Kyoto. It’s the Shinkansen aka the Bullet Train aka the fastest train in the world! It can travel around 275 mph (though it was probably doing less). Even with that it took around 3 hours to get to Kyoto from Tokyo!s5000635.jpg
This is Kyoto Tower its one of the first landmarks you see when you exit the train station. Its a 131 meter observation tower that overlooks all of Kyoto. Sadly we didn’t get to go to the top because we were only spending one day in Kyoto and had other things to see.
Not sure the name of this one, but we passed this shrine on the way to our hostel. s5000648.jpg
There are literally hundreds of shrines of various sizes in Kyoto so seeing them all is an impossibility. This one is connected to a person’s house.
Another temple with the traditional style Japanese paper lanterns.
This is where we stayed in Kyoto. It was a cute little hostel called Costa Del Sol (not really the name of a place you’d imagine finding in Japan haha) This is a traditional style Japanese room called a washitsu. It had the old style tatami mats and sliding doors. Very fun! And yes this was our whole room. It was very comfy though!
The view from our room! Pretty cool huh? You can see the Japanese style tiled roofs of the neighboring buildings and Kyoto Tower in the background.


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  1. sweet pics! you need to post more when you have time. i just told josh that we need to get our passports done that way we can hop the country too! the castle is gorgeous and the hostel you stayed in reminds me of kenshin! i am glad you had a good time:)

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