Obama’s Record in Illinois

Have you noticed that the Hillary campaign has tried to characterize her fight with rival Barack Obama as one that pits experience vs. change (Something the Obama camp seems to have bought into as well).  The problem is that this is a false characterization.  If Obama was in a close race with Biden or Dodd this might be the case, but calling Hillary more experienced than Barack Obama is laughable. Just because you happened to be first lady doesn’t mean you’ve gathered the experience to be president.  I’m doubting Clinton was sitting in the cabinet meeetings with her husband, helping to decide the best way to invade the Bulkans.  Hillary had never been elected to public office until winning the Senate seat in New York.  Obama on the other hand had been elected to the Illinois Senate for eight years prior to him being elected to the United States Senate.  Obama has both the experience and the ability to make changes in Washington.  Here’s a record of the bills he sponsored in the Illinois Senate: a testament to his experience in dealing with the issues.  


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