I Don’t Heart Huckabee

This is the new add from the Huckabee camp that’s currently running in Iowa. Watch it and then keep reading….you done? OK.

This kind of add has no place in politics. What does it have to do with his campaign? His stance on the issues? How does it point out the weaknesses in his opponents? It doesn’t. What it does is say that I’m the candidate Christian conservatives should vote for because I’m above it all, I’m taking time to wish you a Merry Christmas and my opponents are running attack adds. It’s pandering to the religious right at its worst. Mr. Huckabee do you plan on also representing the millions in this country who don’t celebrate Christmas? The Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists, Hindus, and Jewish Americans? I’ll tell you another reason for this add, its to again differentiate himself from Mitt Romney. It’s a reminder that Huckabee (in his mind) has the right religion, so you should vote for him. It’s ridiculous. Our founders separated religion and government in this country for a reason. It’s not that religion can’t inform a president’s judgment, but electing someone only because they belong to the “right” religion is so far beyond what the founding fathers had in mind its crazy. It scares me that Huckabee is doing so well. We don’t need another religious fundamentalist in office.


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