I Support Barack Obama for President!

It is almost unarguable at this point that the Bush presidency has been the worst in American history. He has made a mess of the economy, a mess of Iraq and Afghanistan, a mess of the judicial system, a mess of everything his greedy hands have touched. As of this writing George Bush has only 426 days left in his second term (426 days too long in my opinion). We as Americans have the responsibility, now more than ever, to choose a President who will succeed him, who will right his wrongs and restore America to the strong responsible country that it could be. Because of this I support Barack Obama for President of the United States of America. He is the one man out of all the candidates with the integrity, the experience, and the courage to change American into what it can become. If you haven’t looked into his views, seen his integrity, or heard his voice of change, I strongly urge you to check out his website (http://www.barackobama.com/) or listen to his interviews and speeches on youtube.

Check out some of the best Obama videos after the break then let me know what you think.  How do you like Obama?  What do you think of  his politics?  What more would you like to know about him? Will you vote for him? Leave a comment:

Get to know Barack – Watch This First:

On Iraq:

Don’t be apathetic. How we vote determines the country we get. Get involved. Bring hope back to America and the world. Vote for Obama in 08 primaries.


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