It’s Me!

I’ve been bored lately…really bored. So I decided to start blogging. I’ve heard the best thing to do when you start a blog is to tell a little bit about yourself, so hear goes! I’m from Cincinnati Ohio, a liberal democrat (yeah I know that usually doesn’t fit with Cincinnati) and an athiest (although that usually goes with liberal…I know, I know I’m so cliche). When I was in college I was a pastoral ministry major (what?! haha not so cliche after all!) and in the next year or so I’m planning on going back to school to get an art degree of some sort, whether it be in web design or animation I still haven’t decided.I work at Cincinnati/Northern KY International airport which makes my traveling hobby a lot easier to support (I fly for free! Aren’t you jealous?!). I’ve been all over the world, from Barcelona, Madrid, Segovia, Toledo (Spain not Ohio, though I’ve been to the one in Ohio too) Paris, Chartres, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Vegas, Boston, San Fran, D.C, New York, and Honolulu Hawaii. My next trip will take me all over Japan starting the day after Christmas. And next year I’ve got trips to the Carribean, China, and Brazil planned. I’m hoping to go to Africa at some point too. That would mean I’ve been on every continent except Antarctica…hmmm Antarctica!….Nah! I’m not a big fan of the cold (although I do enjoy penguins!) plus Delta doesn’t fly there. I have a passion for great stories, which is why I think I was religious for so long. I read uncontrollably everthing from Tolkien to Dostoyevsky, Dawkins to N.T. Wright. I’m also a fan of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn’s writing and activism. I love television shows that have great stories too: Lost especially, Heroes, and 24 not to mention Anime like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Avatar, and Death Note. (If you haven’t heard of Death Note look it up…its amazingly good!) I’m also an addic…I mean avid gamer (Yes the first step to recovery is admitting it) I just got a Wii not so long ago and its the most fun I’ve had playing games since I was a little kid. A bit of nostalgia plus good stories (not to mention the fun of flinging your limbs around to control your character) is pretty irresistable to me.Well thats my life in a nutshell, if you can stand hearing about it (and stand all my little asides…I do love the parenthesis!), I hope you’ll come back and check out what I have to say about the world. Later!-Andrew


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